Pictures of our 2002 Collection

DKCH. Schjetne's F´st Dog "Holger T´Dane" and Waldor Make'M'Day For N.C.S...

DKCH. Schjetne's F´st Dog "Holger T´Dane" Go For Gold v/d Bleyenhoek
Got their litter, DOB  28.01.2002



alle tre-rund-7 uger.jpg (39761 byte)
The Boy


Beige Boy
Schjetne's Danish'Ovation-14.02.02.jpg (45759 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Ovation1-14.02.02.jpg (33534 byte)
The kisser in the litter, 2 weeks and very sleepy, please let me have my nap :-) 
 Schjetne's Danish'Ovation-7 weeks1.jpg (27604 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Ovation-7 weeks.jpg (29443 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Ovation-7 weeks2.jpg (32077 byte)
Glamour-lillebror-rund.jpg (28130 byte)
1D'O28.03.02.jpg (86123 byte) 1D'O28.03.02-1.jpg (68944 byte) 1D'O28.03.02-2.jpg (87690 byte) 1D'O28.03.02-5.jpg (49973 byte) 1D'O28.03.02-6.jpg (101670 byte) 
Danish'Ovation at 8 weeks
The Girls
Beige Girl
 Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-14.02.02.jpg (41372 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory2-14.02.02.jpg (37967 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory3-14.02.02.jpg (35761 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory4-14.02.02.jpg (44621 byte)
Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-7 weeks.jpg (22157 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-7 weeks1.jpg (30558 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-7 weeks3.jpg (31546 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-7 weeks2.jpg (28683 byte)
Schjetne's Danish'Gleam of Glory-7 weeks-rund.jpg (31531 byte)
 The fat one in the litter, and sooo very lazy :-)
Gleamie, lived her first months by my sister in Germany Big Bull's kennel,
she is now back in the kennel with us, and here she stay as a member of our stock, and will be produsing
some nice offspring
1GOG29.03.02.jpg (50131 byte) 1GOG29.03.02-1.jpg (54082 byte)  1GOG29.03.02-3.jpg (59106 byte) 1GOG29.03.02-4.jpg (36817 byte) 1GOG29.03.02-2.jpg (35706 byte)
Beige/Brown Girl
Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl1-14.02.02.jpg (42258 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl-14.02.02.jpg (41079 byte)
The sprinter in the litter :-)  
Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl-7weeks.jpg (34827 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl-7weeks2.jpg (28118 byte) Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl-7weeks1.jpg (34116 byte)
Glamour-lillebror-rund.jpg (28130 byte)
 Nanna, live with Pinebull Bulldogs in Finland, she is loved by the hole Kosonen family.
1G'G30.03.02.jpg (47457 byte) 1G'G30.03.02-1.jpg (55493 byte) 1G'G30.03.02-2.jpg (56675 byte)
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