Schjetne's Bulldogs 1,litter...

Fst Magic'Moment    *   Fst Dog "Holger TDane"

Agaton Sax  *  One Eye Bandit Girl   *    Sir Winston

Our first litter, DOB; 30.01.99

The proud parents, Nunuka's Elvira Madigan and Mooby Grape De Winooka

The puppies lives in this countries 

Germany * Denmark


Schjetne's Bulldogs 2, litter...

Wilhelm T'Grate   *   Danish'Warrior   *   Baldur Buller-Basse

Love'Song  *  Baundless'Love  *  Brethless'Joy *  Danish'Dream

Our second litter DOB; 27.09.99

The proud parents, Go For Gold v.d Bleyenhoek and Kevin Of The Water Region

The puppies lives in this countries

Island * Faroisland *  Germany* Denmark


Boy,,, Ohhh boy :-))) Girl,,, Ohhh Girl :-)))) Boy,,, Ohhh boy again :-))) Girl,,, Oh Girl again :-))))

Valdemare'Sejr * Danish'Hopeful'Joy * Spirite'2 Sir Winston * Danish'Passion

Our Third litter... One day old ...

Our third litter DOB 22.10.00

The proud parents,

 Waldor Make'M'day For N.C.S. and DKCH.Schjetne's Fst Dog "Holger TDane"

The puppies lives in this Countries

Denmark * Norway


Victor_10_dager.jpg (19149 byte) Victoria10dager2.jpg (16872 byte)

Victor T'Brave * Victoria T'Queen

Our Fourth litter... 10 days old ...

Our fourth litter DOB 25.10.00

The proud parents,

Eujgs99.DKCH.KLBCH.WW00.KBHV00. Bak's Josva The Grate & Go For Gold v.d. Bleyenhoek

The puppies lives in this Countries



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