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...Bulldog Puppy  Sold...
...We are proud to let you know about or latest news...
...We have 3 of our dogs on the Top winning list in Denmark...
...And the same in Finland...
...We will never forget the year 2002...
...And always remember our Champion year 2003...
*** Bulldog Bitch Of The Year 2002 ***
Daysie_DKCH.jpg (45405 byte)
DKCH.Brovinner 02.KLBCH. KBH03. Waldor Make My Day For N.C.S.
and more
*** Bulldog  Bitch 2# Of The Year 2002 show list ***
Smukke-27.marts.jpg (49698 byte)
DKCH.SCH.Schjetne's Baundless'Love
and even more
*** Bulldog  Male 2# Of The Year 2002 show list***
Valdemar-4_juni.jpg (64836 byte)
DKCH.SCH.FINCH.NORDCH.Schjetne's Valdemar'Sejr
.:2003 Baby News :.
DKCH. SCH. FINCH. NORDCH.Schjetne's Valdemar'Sejr  Schjetne's Danish'Dream
...Their boy and girl was born 28.05.2003...
Valdemar-27.marts1.jpg (53199 byte) deda2002s.jpg (61308 byte)
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Biddle Behave'Well For N.C.S.  DKCH.Brovinner 02.KLBCH.Waldor Make M Day For N.C.S.
...Their baby boys was born 02.06.2003...
Daysie2002s.jpg (57936 byte)
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 DKCH. SCH. FINCH. NORDCH.Schjetne's Valdemar'Sejr  DKCH.SCH.Schjetne's Baundless'Love
...Their baby boy and two girls was born ca 29.07.2003...
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We are proud to tell you we got 3 double Champions from our breeding in just 2,5 months time
from 3 different litters, this give us the right to brag about having a champion in every litter we have
produced to this date.

DKCH FINCH  Schjetne's Victor T'Brave
Ejer: Kristiina Laurila & Kari Tuomisto

Schjetne's Danish'Glamour'Girl
She is keeper of 3 CC in Finland, only one more to go after she is two years old:-) She have taken BOB,and BOS...
She is also a "Holger T'Dane" daughter, we think she will be the next champion, from our breeding.
Way to go Nanna, make us proud, we are so thankful to her owner Marjaana & Aki, Pinebull...
Let us present Champion Valdemar'Sejr's first born daugther Magda, isn't she just to cute ???
She is a bitch with alot of substans and bone, a beautiful girl...
Here she is 4 months old isn't she lovely :-)

...Otto have a new home...

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18. February 2004