...Our Lauritz...

Biddle Behave'Well For N.C.S.

DOB. 24.04.2002 

Look at me, isn't I'm just to handsome ??? 
Well my new family, think I'm a sweetheart, and the other dog 's in the famili love me to.
I'm son of CH. Iceglint I'm Alfred, Crufts winner 02, and Bulldog Of The Year 01,
I have been looking at my future wife's, and I like them, I'm looking for to see some offspring,,, later in the future....
Ch.Iceglint I'm Alfred Lynmans Living Legend Lynmans Lamplighter Pembstar Prince
Lynmans Josephine
Lynmans Madam Cyn Lynmans Duble Top
Lynmans Florence
Anne's Treasure to Iceglint Iceglint Intrepride Lynmans Adonis
Iceglint Ivy
Pembstar Sally Pembstar Duke
Ringablok Honeybun of Pembstar
Biddle Jazz Astrellita Sugar Daddy for Ocobo Britishprid Power N Glory Petworth Captai Pugwas of Ringablok
Petworth Passion Potter of Britishpride
Tymaro take That To Astrellita Tymaro Tender Touch
Foxford Fanny Ay Tymaro
Biddle the Truth is Out There Aldridge Aquarius ENG CH Isgraig Red Baron
Aldridge Avita
Brinscal Dora Sunniryl Saracen
Qualco Our Winnie



lauritz9monthsur30.01.03.jpg (91033 byte)
Lauritz 9 month old in the snow taken 30.01.03.
My handler and I-13.12.02.jpg (98883 byte) My handler and I-scratch-13.12.02.jpg (96258 byte)
I was taken a photo session of Lauritz 13.12.2002, and my assistant Zenia was very helpful to get him to stand
almost perfect, do you have a handler like this little girl ??? :-)))
lausnuser.jpg (24773 byte) laubevegelse.jpg (32877 byte)  
Here I having a good time in the garden, sniffing around, and run quickly as I can,,,


Jesus,,,,, can't I have any privacy ?????
Let me have my pooptime on my own, go awayyyyyyyyy mum,,,
laudoor.jpg (25100 byte)

Thank's to our lovely friends Paul and Pauline for our baby boy...


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