...Our Holger T'Dane, and First Danish Champion...

DKCH. Schjetne's F'st Dog "Holger T'Dane"


DOB. 30.01.99 - DOD. 07.03.02

DKCH. 13.08.00

We are so proud of our boy Holger T´Dane, he is from our first litter, and he was my pick of the litter only a few minutes of age :-)

He was my dream come true...

I was dreaming of a typical Standard dog, with a lovely long head type , strong bone , powerful body , allot of mussels... And with a brilliant (Persian red) red color... And I got my wish come true...

His nature is the very best, he is gentle to human and other animals... Both at home, on the streets and at Shows...


Sadly we lost our beloved Holger T'Dane, March 7 2002.

Photos taken at the Bulldog Club Show 26.05.2001

The Champion class was a mess, the judge was not orientated by the Judging rules,

so the best dogs was not in the competition,,, we all was happy to see the 

Europe winner 2000, Rottwas Alec stand in the ring to be Best Dog... 


Holger T'Dane with he first born son's...

Holger jula 2000.jpg (28150 byte)

Holger4 DKCH.jpg (55731 byte)

Holger 1DKCH.jpg (72090 byte)

Holger.jpg (26573 byte)

Christmas 2000

Kiss me :-)))

'''Champion''' 12.08.00 Hurrray

Christmas 2000

holger_Valdemar.jpg (49282 byte)

Parents having a goodtime with dad.jpg (39776 byte)

Holger koser med far.jpg (42717 byte)

Holger solen.jpg (46814 byte)

Holger T'Dane has a rest with his son Valdemar'Sejr.

Holger T'Dane and Daysie has a nice time with dad...

Have a good rest in dads arms...

Holger T'Dane sleeps in the sunchine.


Holger T'Dane 2 weeks.


Holgertønnen.jpg (148993 byte)



Holger T'Dane 2 weeks old !!!

Holger T'Dane 8 weeks.   

Holger T'Dane 3 months.

Holger T'Dane 3 months.

Holger T'Dane 4 months.


Mom_Holger(8mths),ohh nooo I don't wont stand for you !!!

Herning99, 9 mth.

Herning99. 9 mth.

Holger 1 year.

Holger T'Dane 6 months.





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Holger tattoo.jpg (23246 byte)

Anna+Holger_WEB.jpg (70806 byte)

AnnaHolger2_WEB.jpg (114059 byte)

Holger T'Dane 14 months.

Holger T'Dane 15 months.

Holger T'Dane Tattoo on Dad's back.

Holger T'Dane 16 months.

Holger T'Dane 16 months.


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