...Our Daysie...

DKCH, KLBCH. Waldor Make M Day For N.C.S.


DOB. 10.06.99 

 Danish CH. 24.03.01 * KLB.CH 11.05.02



ENG.CH and Crufts winner 99 Koramia The Riddler By Britishpride Britishprid Power N Glory Petworth Captai Pugwas of Ringablok Setsquare Surrey Oak of Quintic
Petworth Polly Perkins
Petworth Passion Potter of Britishpride Eng Ch Storming Passion at Ocobo
Petworth Polly Perkins
Rolladollar M'Lady For Koramia Holbain Snow Storm At Rolladollar Irish Ch The Nobler at Holbain
Holbain First Lady
Foresquare Candy Floss At Rolladollar Rock 'n' Roll of Foresquare
Our Heidi of Tapeley at Foresquare
Havelock Royal Ruby of Waldor UK CH Aldridge Apalation ENG CH Isgraig Red Baron ENG CH Aldridge Aristocrat O Brandywell
ENG CH Isgraig Looby Lou
Aldrigde Avita Ch Aldridge Awanti
Aldridge Anatalie
Emjack Amber Beau Brummell of Emjack Quintic The Range Rover
Emjacks Kohinor
Emjack Pandora Ch. Iscraig Wonderful Walter
Emjacks Pearly Queen¨


Hi, I'm Daysie

Mom and dad call me their English rose, because they love me allot :-)))


Noooo :-), they are just so grateful to my breeder, for getting me over to Denmark.


Well, I remember the day my Danish mom arrived, she had seen tons of pictures of 

me and my litter mates, and she wonted to pick me or my sister Sonja, 

Well I jumped as high as I culled, so she culled spot me over the other one's...

She judge all of us, one by one,,,,, and she look me over a few times, and I 

notifies, she was doing something with her lips and the right eye, when she was looking me over... 

And when she picket me up in here arms an kissed me and ask me, do you want me to be your mom ??? 

Slop sloops sloop, my tong was all over her face, yes yes yeeeess

Wauuu I was trilled when she said this is my Daysie !!!

She had already pickt my name to be, Waldor Make M Day For N.C.S.

And sure I did, I became Danish Champion only 19 months of age...

So you can say, I made it up to her :-)))


And as my old mom said, you spoil her to death,,, she was right, I am spoiled :-)))

And very much loved :-)))


Daysie, have did it very well this year 2001, 5 BIM (BOS) out of 7 shows...


And Best Bitch again this year, she got her title KLB.CH at the show.

Daysie DKCH r_t.jpg (48153 byte)

This was moms first shot, with her new Digital Camera, and she won a Second Place with it in a Photo Contest,by www.Hundeguiden.dk 

Daysieblomsterpotta.jpg (91395 byte)

This is my


  picture, mom took it her self.

Daysieblomsterpotta1_WEB.jpg (28902 byte)

Just, sitting in my pot, the time I arrive to my new home, there was a lovely plant in this pot,,, but since mom and dad call me their English Rose, well, then I had to place myself into it...:-)

Daysie_gravid.jpg (100056 byte)

Daysie_BIM.jpg (130412 byte)

Daysie gravid1.jpg (109722 byte)

Look at my tummy, I'm pregnant...

Best Opposite Sex, 11 months.

Look at my tummy, I'm pregnant...

daysie-sol.jpg (38387 byte)

Daysiebordet_siden.jpg (53155 byte)

daysie-solsover.jpg (42924 byte)

Daysie relaxing in the shadow.

Daysie 6 months pretty good in standing.

And take her nap outside the house.

Daysie judge.jpg (33868 byte)

  Annamus,nesten i ringen.jpg (49672 byte)

Daysie_ramme.jpg (35919 byte)

Daysie2.jpg (272087 byte)

Look at that face,isn't she a pretty baby ?

Daysie1.jpg (61987 byte)

Daysie 4 months.


Daysie.jpg (54237 byte)

Daysie 4 weeks.


Daysi_og_Jallis1.jpg (117339 byte)Daysi_og_Jallis2.jpg (51910 byte)Daysi_og_Jallis3.jpg (45997 byte)

My very first cat buddy, Jallis, sadly missed by liver cancer.

This pictures are from our very first meeting, aren't we just cute together ???


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