...Our Thyra...

Schjetne's Thyra'Danebod


DOB 25.10.01


DK CH Schjetne's F'st Dog "Holger T'Dane" Mooby Grape De Winooka INTCH. FCH. BCH. Pickwick Action Man CHCH. INTCH. BCH. DCHKLB Pickwick Quasimodo
Pickwick Kitty
FCH. CS. Shade Van De Mammelocker Sandean Sir Maxim
Pickwick Dancing Doll
Nunuka's Elvira Madigan JW95 Big Ben v.d Bleyenhoek JW91,DKCH,INTCH,NLCH,BCH,LCH Red Boy v.d Bleyenhoek
Two Face v.d. Bleyenhoek
DKCH,KLBCH,INTCH Chowbull Ælga Olga DKCH,KLBCH Simply The Best v.d Bleyenhoek
DKCH,KLBCH,KBHV92 Simplicissimus "American Express"
Schjetne's Danish'Dream Kevin of The Water Region CH Britishpride No Fear at Mystyle Britishprid Power N Glory
Britishpride Hanky Panky
One And Only of The Water Region Higgins of The Woodhillroad
Smarden Bell of The Water Region
Go For Gold v.d Bleyenhoek Spartak Jubilee CH Camard Academy Award
JWW Madonna Baby v.d Bleyenhoek
Wonder v.d Bleyenhoek JW91,DKCH,INTCH,NLCH,BCH,LCH Red Boy v.d Bleyenhoek
Two Face v.d. Bleyenhoek


  Danny & Thyra.jpg (53122 byte) 
Dannyboy and Thyra'Danebod at 10 week,  
Schjetne's Thyra'Danebod
Red Girl
...She stay in the kennel...

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Schjetne's Thyra'Danebod.jpg (52015 byte)

5-weeks-R-4.12.01.jpg (31435 byte) 5-weeks-R-4.12.01-standing.jpg (26695 byte) 5-weeks-R-4.12.01-fingre.jpg (28377 byte)

Thyra 5 weeks.

Holger_Thyra.jpg (40362 byte)  Holger-Thyra-10.02.02.jpg (62950 byte) Holger-Thyra-siden-10.02.02.jpg (41879 byte)
Thyra 13 weeks, a carbon copy of her dad.
Thyra-17-marts11.jpg (23308 byte) Thyra-17-marts12.jpg (23269 byte) Thyra-17-marts13.jpg (19669 byte)
Thyra'Danebod 20 weeks old, well, she is not in the mood for work :-)
Thyra-27.marts.jpg (48135 byte)

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