Pictures of our 1999 pups

DKCH. Schjetne's F´st Dog "Holger T´Dane" and Waldor Make'M'Day For N.C.S...

Kevin Of The Water Region Go For Gold v.d Bleijenhoek
Got their litter, DOB  27.09.1999
Pictures taken when the puppies was 5 weeks old.

The Girls

Schjetne's Boundless'Love

Kept in the kennel.
Schjetne's Breathless'Joy
Fam.Müller, Germany.
Schjetne's Danish'Dream
Kept in the kennel.
Schjetne's Love Song
Gretar Órn Sigfinnsson, Iceland.
The Boy's
Schjetne's Danish'Warrior

c/o owned with

Fam Bo Sandberg, Denmark.


Schjetne's Wilhelm T'Great

Anna, Bente & Erik Sĝrensen. Denmark

Schjetne's Baldur Buller-Basse

He is the first  English Bulldog on the Faeroe Islands.

 Beinta Festirstein, Faeroe Islands.

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