Pictures of our very first litter born in 1999 

DKCH. Schjetne's F´st Dog "Holger T´Dane" and Waldor Make'M'Day For N.C.S...

Moby Grape De Windoka Nunuka's Elvira Madigan
Got their litter, DOB  30.01.1999.
Pictures taken when the puppies was newborn and 2 weeks old.


...This litter was born 30.01.1999...

   *               F'st Magic Moment               *         F'st Dog "Holger T'Dane"             *

Agaton Saxx               *              One Eye Bandit Girl                *              Sir Winston

On this photo the puppies are only 7 week's old, aren't they sweet :-) we have a big copy of this in our living-room... My heart melting every time I look at them :-))))


F'st Dog"Hoger T'Dane" only 2 week's old, and very promising :-))) Holger live with us, and he will be the stud dog in our Kennel...


F'st Magic Moment ,New-born, "Maggie" lives with co-owner Britta Züblin in Germany...


Sir Winston "Øffe" 2 week of age, Lives with Pia & Bo Christensen, in Kolding Denmark


Agaton Saxx, lives with Lisbeth & Michael Dam in Hårlev Denmark ...


One Eye Bandit Girl "Bandemus * Bandit" lives with Holger and us at home in Fredericia Denmark...

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