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DOB. 27.09.99 


Kevin of The Water Region CH Britishpride No Fear at Mystyle Britishprid Power N Glory Petworth Captai Pugwas of Ringablok
Petworth Passion Potter of Britishpride
Britishpride Hanky Panky CH Stoneacre Red Revenge
Outdoors Repeat of Britishpride
One And Only of The Water Region Higgins of The Woodhillroad Man of Kent of The Water region
Broadway Bell of The water Region
Smarden Bell of The Water Region Bullsaye Sandy Macnab
Eliza of The Woodhillroad
Go For Gold v.d Bleyenhoek Spartak Jubilee CH Camard Academy Award Sunniryl Spitfire
Dolly Dot v.d Bleyenhoek
JWW Madonna Baby v.d Bleyenhoek Duke of Kent of The Water Region
Madonna v.d Bleyenhoek
Wonder v.d Bleyenhoek JW91,DKCH,INTCH,NLCH,BCH,LCH Red Boy v.d Bleyenhoek Greatshot Buckmaster
Pebbles v.d Bleyenhoek
Two Face v.d. Bleyenhoek INTCH Duke Junior v.d Bleyenhoek
Madonna v.d Bleyenhoek



I'm Deda, a lovely bitch with a lovely temper and a funny character, I love to play my own game,

I call it, Be scared of me, and when people get the scary face I jumpe around like I had won the lottery heheheh :-) 


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